Thursday, February 28, 2013

Girl Scout cookies in snow

Sorry, it's been days since my last post.  My daughter is in Girl Scouts and it's cookie time!  We spent the last week busy selling cookies at booth sales and filling orders too.  I am the Cookie Manager for the troop, it's  a big job to manage all these cookies, but the end is in site!  Only a few more days of cookie sales and it will all be over till next year.  

What's your favorite cookie?  Mine is Thin Mints.    

I got so busy with all the cookie stuff I totally forgot to make sure I had enough projects scheduled on my blog.  I did so well with the first half of February and my "12 Days of Love" posts (see Feb. 1-12 posts), I wanted to keep the momentum going.  But the month did not end with as many posts as I wanted.

So instead of a project post today, here's a picture of my daughter and her friend braving the snow last Sunday out in the cold.  It looks white behind us, that's the snow!  Signs also make a great shield to keep the snow off you!

The girls have been great!  We ended up with too many cookies and had to add a few booths to our schedule to help sell all those wonderful cookies.  These 2 girls each did 6 booth sales this year!  Some in nice weather, and some like this photo were cold!  But we sold the cookies and they had a great time!  
Have a wonderful day!!

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